Senior Bowl Snapshot - OLB - Ogbonnia Okoronkwo

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Ogbonnia Okoronkwo

Class: Redshirt Senior

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 240

Age: 22

With the 2018 Senior Bowl approaching and accepted invites rolling in by the day I'll be profiling these players and highlighting a facet of their game that makes them one of the best at their position in their Senior class.

Today we have the University of Oklahoma Outside Linebacker Ogbonnia Okoronkwo (prounounced o-BO-ny-uh o-kor-RON-kwo.  The past two years Okoronkwo has been one of the most disruptive defenders in the Big 12, earning 2nd team All-Big 12 in 2016, 1st team All-Big 12 in 2017 and Co-Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year Award in 2017.

At 240 pounds, Okoronkwo has the size of your typical 4-3 OLB. He's shown the ability to hang in coverage but spent the majority of his time around the line of scrimmage at OU. Okoronkwo, holds his own when taking on blockers and does a really nice job as a backside run defender, staying home or cautiously flowing towards the play to prevent the ability of the running back to cut back across the field. Okoronkwo knows his assignment on these plays and executes at a high level.

As a pass rusher, Okoronkwo's game is built off speed and spin. He's got a wicked Dwight Freeney-esque spin move that he breaks out often on unsuspecting offensive lineman. An impressive aspect of his spin move is that he doesn't lose much speed while doing it due to his impressive footwork and balance. Okoronkwo also has the ability to seamlessly transition into it as he strings together moves to get past the blocker to the Quarterback. Okoronkwo can win with just speed and burst off the line. He's got great bend and balance when turning the corners toward the Quarterback. If Okoronkwo isn't taking down the Quarterback, he's moving him out of the pocket or drawing flags on the offensive line.

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