Sports, News & Views - Week of May 1st-8th

Tyler Varga and the concussion that lasted 4 months - Tyler Varga is a 23-year old Yale graduate who signed with the Colts as an undrafted free agent following the 2015 NFL Draft. Varga climbed up the RB depth chart through the preseason and was starting to see the field before his season was derailed by a concussion in he suffered in Week 3. Varga goes into details of the scary events that followed. A real interesting look into how the NFL really treats players in the concussion protocol.

Polygraph History of Music - Polygraph created an entertaining streaming playlist of all the Top 5 Billboard 100 songs from 1958-2016. Click the link to hear snippets of your favorite songs as it scrolls through the days and months of each year.

Man Up - Lions LB DeAndre Levy speaks his mind on sexual assault awareness and why he feels the need to talk about it as a public figure. When celebrities talk, people listen.

What Smoking Pot Through A Gas Mask Taugh Us About Social Media - Trevor Sikkema replays the fall of NFL prospect Laremy Tunsil on draft night and shares his thoughts on social media as a whole. He believes that every college athlete should be required to take a social media class. I agree. As Trevor states, "Social media is not be feared, it is to be mastered."

How Getting Sober Changed My Relationship With My Mom - I found this article on Mother's Day and thought it was a great introspective piece. Author Kasai Rex tells his story of drug and alcohol addiction and his path towards becoming sober.

Below are a couple of artists that I've stumbled upon the past couple of months. Maybe they'll interest you as well...

Luke Christopher is a 23-year old rapper/singer who has been treading water in the rap game for a couple of years now. His sound is similar to Drake's.

PVRIS, pronounced Paris, is a rock band led by female vocalist Lyndsey Gunnulfsen. Their synthpop sound, darker content at times and females vocals are a couple of reasons why they closely resemble Paramore.